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Flow divider/combiner valve Equivalent to HydraForce FD50-45

Create: 04/09/2024
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:For Hydraulic Flow divider/combiner valve equivalent to HydraForce FD50-45, AAK received the trial order from a Customer in the United States This week, we’d like to introduce a hydraulic flow divider/combiner valve equivalent to HydraForce FD50-45. This valve is a screw-in cartridge, spool type flow divider/combiner valve. It provides pressure compensated proportional division of inlet flow or combining of two return flows regardless of system operating pressure conditions. The valve provides synchronizing flow in dividing and combining modes. The valve is intended for use in mineral based or synthetic hydraulic fluids with lubricating properties. Last December, we received an inquiry from a new customer in the United States for HydraForce FD50-45 Hydraulic Divider/Combiner valve. This cartridge valve is not very commonly used, and there are only a few hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo China that have this model in stock. Per customer, they have followed up hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK for a long time, and would like to place a trial order for 10 pcs for HydraForce FD50-45 first. If the valves passed testing, they will place the annual order for 1,000 pcs. We are confident to become the preferred hydraulic cartridge valve supplier for this customer in the United States, because AAK quality has been approved for many American customers. AAK hydraulic Flow divider/combiner valve: 1. The function and performance is equivalent to that of HydraForce FD50-45 2. Its service life is longer than of its domestic peers Technical parameters of AAK E-FD50-45 hydraulic Flow divider/combiner valve: Max. Operating Pressure: 345 bar (5000 psi) Flow: 4 - 12 gpm (15.1 - 45.4 lpm) Flow Accuracy: 10% (25 ~ 100% of Max.inlet flow) Cavity: 10-4 Filtration: 25μm or better Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +120 °C (with Buna N seals) Fluids: Mineral based or synthetic hydraulic fluid with lubricating properties Fluid viscosity range: 7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 ssu)
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