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Hydraulic Piloted Directional Valve Equivalent to HydraForce PD10-41

Create: 04/16/2024
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Piloted directional valve equivalent to HydraForce PD10-41 passed testing, AAK received the more inquiries from customer in the United States Last July, we shipped a Piloted Directional Valve equivalent to HydraForce PD10-41 to a customer in the United States. It is a screw-in, cartridge style, pilot operated, spool-type hydraulic directional valve. There are very few hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo China that have this model. Per customer, they were looking for a reliable hydraulic cartridge valve supplier in China and would like to test this valve as a start. Once the quality is approved, they will send more valves for us to quote for a long-term and deep cooperation. Today, we were advised that the E-PD10-41 Hydraulic Piloted Directional Valve shipped by AAK last year has passed their testing. At the same time, we received a new inquiry list for 22 hydraulic cartridge valves. The advantages of this piloted directional valve are: 1. The quality of this valve is benchmarking HydraForce, but price is much cheaper. 2. The service life is 2 times that of domestic hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China Technical parameters of AAK E-PD10-41 Hydraulic Piloted Directional Valve: Max. Operating Pressure: 240 bar (3500 psi) Capacity: 8 gpm (30L/min) Cavity: VC10-4 AAK E-PD10-41 hydraulic Piloted Directional Valve, benchmarking HydraForce PD10-41, its service life is 2 times that of its domestic peers. You are welcome to give it a try. AAK HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE VALVES (792) 2024-04-15
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