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Hydraulic Flow Control Valve 3 Advantages

Create: 04/19/2024
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valve with 3 major advantages, recognized by Yagmur Yagmur is from Türkiye and mainly purchases hydraulic cartridge valve standard parts from Ningbo. Recently, they developed a hydraulic drilling equipment that uses hydraulic flow control valves that are modeled after HydraForce standard parts, and purchased from a hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo. During equipment debugging, it was found that the flow rate of the hydraulic flow control valve was unstable, and the leakage rate did not match the hydraulic system. The original hydraulic flow control valve manufacturer stated that this is a replica of HydraForce and is unwilling to optimize its function for several hydraulic flow control valve samples. Yagmur checked with several other hydraulic valve manufacturers, but they were not interested. Yamour was very anxious. The original hydraulic flow control valve manufacturer introduced AAK to Yagmur. After communication, it was learned that her requirements for this model include low leakage and high precision requirements for valve holes. Based on the hydraulic system schematic provided by her and the industry model code of the HydraForce hydraulic flow control valve, I recommended a ready-made sample to her. As long as the external dimensions meet his manifold requirements, it can solve the problem she is currently facing. 2 weeks after the sample was sent out, Yagmur informed via email that the drilling equipment was successfully debugged. The low leakage of AAK hydraulic flow control valve meets their system requirements, especially the flow control function that they are very satisfied with. I told her that for this AAK hydraulic flow control valve, we have 3 major advantages: 1. The internal leakage of AAK hydraulic flow control valve is 5 drops/min, while most peers can only achieve 8-10 drops/min. 2. The hole accuracy of AAK hydraulic flow control valve can reach IT6-IT7 level, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.2-0.025μm.
Jun 18 2024For Hydraulic Piloted Directional Element equivalent to HydraForce EP16-S35, AAK received inquiries from an old customer in Russia15
Jun 13 2024For Proportional Solenoid Valve equivalent to HydraForce SP10-20, AAK received re-peat orders from 2 customers after 1 year19
Jun 05 2024Hydraulic Piloted Directional element Equivalent to HydraForce EP10-S3546
Jun 04 20242 years after the Hydraulic Solenoid Cartridge Valve equivalent to HydraForce SV08-47C was shipped, AAK received the reorder from customer in the United States38
Jun 03 2024Hydraulic Flow Divider/Combiner Valve Equivalent to HydraForce FD52-4531
May 31 2024Pressure Reducing/Relieving Cartridge Valve Benchmarking HydraForce PR10-3625
May 21 2024For Hydraulic Pilot Operated Relief Valve equivalent to HydraForce RV10-28, the customer in Turkey got back to AAK after 1 year35
May 07 2024For Hydraulic Pilot-Operated, Balanced Piston Relief Valve equivalent to SUN RPEC, the customer in Turkey placed their annual order with AAK52
Apr 19 2024Hydraulic Flow Control Valve 3 Advantages47
Apr 16 2024Hydraulic Piloted Directional Valve Equivalent to HydraForce PD10-4157

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