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Ring Chain Bucket Elevator

Create: 10/08/2016
Expired Date:10/08/2018
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:Introduction to TH ring chain bucket elevator productTH link chain bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powder, granulated and small lump materials without or small grinding. TH series bucket elevator is a kind of round link chain bucket elevator adopting the hybrid or gravity discharge and harvest type charging. Traction chain employs high quality alloy steel high circle chain. Central casing tensions automatically with constant force for heavy hammer tank within a machine in two forms of single and double channel. Sprocket uses renewable rim composite structure with long service life and easy rim change jobs. Gravity automatic tensioning device for the bottom can keep constant tension and avoid skid or take off the chain and the hopper can have certain yieldability at the same time when meeting the stuck phenomenon caused by the accidental factors to effectively protect the lower shaft parts, etc. The bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powder, granulated and small block low grinding materials whose bulk density is less than 1.5 t/m3 and is easy to take out, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer, food, etc. TH type bucket elevator is a lifting equipment used for various loose materials and is suitable for conveying powder, granular, small block materials with temperature below 250 ℃. Maximum delivery value of the machine is 365 m³/h and the biggest hoisting height is 50 m.Characteristics of TH ring chain bucket elevator:1.Easy maintenance, long service life2.Thickened casing steel plate, good rigidity3.The conveying material temperature can be up to 250 ℃4.Median casing has two forms of single channel and dual channel.5.Stable and reliable hoisting height operation, low noise, easy maintenance.6.Lifting delivery value of improved models increases 30% than normal models.7.Elevator chain uses low alloy steel forging, and is processed by carburizing and quenching thus having high tensile strength and wear resistance.TH ring chain bucket elevator tech......url:
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