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Flange Hightemperature And High Pressure Power Station Globe Valve Series

Create: 01/12/2017
Expired Date:01/12/2019
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:The cut-off valve stem and valve seat axis vertical sealing,Website:, valve stem to open or close the relatively short trip, and have very reliable cutting action, is suitable for cutting or regulation and throttle effect medium. Once the valve is turned on its valve seat and valve sealing between the no contact, so it's sealing surface mechanical wear small, because there is no need to remove the valve from the pipeline to most of the valve seat and valve easily repaired or replaced seals, which the valves and pipes welded into one of the occasion is appropriate, change the direction of media flow through the valve when the flow resistance, so as the valve is higher than other valves.Electric flange cut-off valve: Performance characteristics1, advanced structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance, beautiful shape.2, can be installed in any location on the pipeline, the medium can be passed in any direction.3, more than DN250 with multi seal, advanced double bracket, with guiding movement, medium entering from above, a better solution to the large caliber valve opening and closing torque, sealing to strict problems, effectively improves the performance of the valve and the use range.4, the stainless steel valve is applicable to all kinds of corrosive media in the pipeline, there is a good corrosion protection and enough strength.5, alloy steel globe valve is suitable for high temperature resistance of steam, oil pipeline, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.High temperature and high pressure power station cut-off valve: Main parts materialNO.Parts nameMaterial1Valve bodyWCB,WC6,WC9,12CrMoV,15Cr1MoV2Valve clack25,WC6,12Cr1MoV3Valve stem2Cr13,38CrMoALA,25Cr12M01V4Valve clack cover25,WC6, 12Cr1MoV5Valve coverWCB, WC6, 12Cr1MoV6ShimFlexible graphite + stainless steel7BracketWCB,WC68Double headed studASTMA193-B7,A320-B8,A193-B8M9Hexagon nutASTMA194-2H,A194-8,A194-8M10FillerFlexible graphite11Packing press sleeve25,WC6, 12Cr1MoV12......url:
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