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Centerless CBN Grinding Wheel Manufacturer For Grinding Tungsten Carbide Ceramics Magnetic Material Stainless Steel Bar PCD And PCBN

Create: 01/18/2017
Expired Date:01/19/2019
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:Centerless CBN Grinding Wheel Manufacturer For Grinding tungsten carbide  ceramics   magnetic material  stainless steel bar  PCD and PCBNProducts DescriptionCenterless grinding is the process of removing material from the outside diameter of a workpiece using an abrasive wheel. In its simplest form, a centerless grinder consists of the machine base, grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work blade. With centerless grinding, the workpiece is not mechanically held to drive the part.The Workpiece is located on its outside diameter and supported by the work blade which is between the regulation wheel and the grinding wheel. The regulating wheel drives the part and the grinding wheel removes the material.There are two main types of centerless grinding: throughfeed grinding and infeed grinding.Application:Mainly used for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics , magnetic material, stainless steel bar, PCD and PCBN, etc.Advantage:※Less stock removal. A centreless machine works 'on the diameter’ while a multi-wheel grinder works 'on the radius.’※All concentric diameters can normally be ground simultaneously using a centreless machine.※Less run-out. Having support on almost every ground diameter through the use of regulating wheels and work blades, run-out is minimised.※Productivity. Product cycle times can be reduced while maintaining accuracy.※Accuracy is almost doubled with a centreless grinding machine when compared with a multi-wheeler.※Individual compensation of grinding wheel.※Correct operation sequence – no centre holes required.Bond Agent:Resin bond and vitrified  bond          url:
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