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MAX Robotic Parking System

Create: 01/18/2017
Expired Date:01/19/2019
Category: Sport&Recreation&Entertainment
Message:MAX Robotic Parking SystemMAX parking system is a large-scale,smart,high-speed intelligent parking equipment,that include entrance area,exit area,put in elevator,Output elevator,walking pallet and vehicle storage area,increase vehicle storage speed markedly.characteristics :this system can be designed multi levels according to the height of building or condition of the ground place,scale parking expansion up.Entrance and exit can set where you want, flexibility high Planning.Multi get in elevator,multi dolly,Ability to storage independently.Advantages:1.get the car fast speed①Multi get in-out elevator and dolly,work independent and same time fast speed.②Transport by track,Maximum speed reach 300m/min,Maximum time is more vehicle per unit area Only need 1/10 space compare with normal ground Parking,convenient and fast① Vehicle set right and storage automated.②Person and vehicle walking on different route,reduce accident.③No need exchange car bedplate,saving equipment energy 1/3. url:
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