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Low Price Good Quality JCW501 Mesh Weaving Machine Water Jet Loom For Mesh Fabric

Create: 10/13/2016
Expired Date:10/14/2018
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:JCW501 Mesh weaving water jet loomThis model is designed to interweave plastic round fiber and high-strength polyester fiber into intertexture net. Two pieces of heald frame are used in this machine,Website:, an extra half heald device is applied, which is driven and beat in the left and right direction alternatively, a shedding of yarn is therefore formed while weft will be sprayed into the shedding to form fabric. Currently, this model of interweave machine is able to weave three-interweave net, five-interweave net and seven-interweave net.【Main Technical Parameters】●   Reed width:190,230,260,7500px●  Speed: 350-400RPM●  Material: Polyethylene/polypropylene round fiber/polyester fiber●   Feeder: Mechanial or electronic●   Weft density: 20-1800D●   Feeler: Optical feeler●   Selvage: machnical cutter or heat cutter●   Motor: 2.2kw
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