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Top Quality JCW503 AC Filter Water Jet Loom For Air Conditioner Filter Weaving

Create: 10/13/2016
Expired Date:10/14/2018
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:JCW503 AC filter weaving water jet loomJCW503 AC filter water jet loom is an innovated model based on our mature plastic round yarn weaving technique. This model is specially designed to produce filter for AC. At present,Website:, we cover more than 95% share of domestic market.Reinforced supporting bar, rigid frame, manual single nozzle electric feeder and electric let-off system are applied in this model, which effectively reduces hideous and stop block. It works with 8 pieces of heald frame and cam shedding. To solve the haunting problem of over-strong tension, difficult to relax, we specially designed warping-relax device(Patent No. 201310727306.2). The development and use of vertical yarn holder(Patent No.201120264363.8) provides solution to abrasion of plastic yarn and dust jam to yarn holder.【Main Technical Parameters】● Reed width:4750px● Speed: 400-500RPM● Material: Polypropylene round yarn● Finished product: filter for AC● Fabric texture: honeycomb texture● Feeder: single nozzle electronic feeder● Weft feeling: optical feeler● Selvage: twist● Motor: 2.8kw● Processing weight: 1000kg
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