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Dog Runner Chains

Create: 10/14/2016
Expired Date:10/15/2018
Category: Beauty&Personal Care
Message:Pujiang Dingxin Electrical Co.,Ltd is one of the best dog runner chains manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale our customized dog runner chains products, and also welcome to consult price with our factory.Most popular stock sizesshown inBOLDtypeProduct CodeSizeStandard Package QuantityWt./DOZ657061.5 x 120cm12 Poly Bags10 lbs657102.1 x 120cm12 Poly Bags15 lbs657153.0 x 120cm12 Poly Bags22 lbs657203.8 x 120cm12 Poly Bags28 lbs-------------667061.5 x 165cm12 Poly Bags13 lbs667102.1 x 165cm12 Poly Bags18 lbs667153.0 x 165cm12 Poly Bags27 lbs667203.8 x 165cm12 Poly Bags36 lbs------------------------------------------67706D3.5 x 160cm12 Poly Bags16 lbs67710D4.0 x 160cm12 Poly Bags23 lbs67715D5.0 x 160cm10 Poly Bags31 lbs url:
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