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High-temperature Flash Memory For Oil And Gas Industries Downhole Drilling

Create: 10/15/2016
Expired Date:10/15/2018
Category: Apparatus&Instrument
Message:Memory module-LHNF1GA Product introduction: LHNF1GA high temperature memory is NAND type general memory with high reliability, good performance and fast writing and reading under severe environment of -45℃~175℃.Technical parameter: Working temperature scope: ﹣40℃ ~ ﹢175℃The maximum working current: 90mAStandby current: <2mAPower supply voltage Vcc (V):2.7 V ~ 3.6 VInput high level(V): 0.8Vcc ~ Vcc+0.3Input low level(V): -0.3 ~ 0.2VccOutput high level(V): 2.4 ~ VccOutput low level(V): -0.3 ~ 0.4Encapsulation: 16 PIN DIP (45mm x 28mm x 5mm)Structural density:  The 1GB memory module  includes 4,096 blocks, each block contains 128 pages and each page includes 2112 bytes(data section of 2048+stanby section of 64). The programming and reading operation all base on page as units and erase operation bases on block as unit.  At most five cycles are needed for addressing : two for column address to address specific of each ;3 cycles are used for row address to address the specific page of block. Due to different units, writing operation uses five address cycles and programming operation uses five address cycles, in which the byte address is 0, erase operation uses three address cycles, in which the page address is 0. url:
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