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Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Create: 10/15/2016
Expired Date:10/16/2018
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:Closed Circuit Cooling towerWorking principleClosed cooling tower is updated and improved on the basic of absorbing the most advanced heat exchange technology. Finally,Website:, we developed the heat transfer equipment with high efficiency.Water and air is as the cooling medium of closed cooling tower, and it makes the heat exchange with temperature liquid in the coil. Internal cooling tower is set water distribution system, condensing coil group, fillers heat exchange, drift eliminators and others; External has circulation pumps, electronic water cleaning device. And top side of the coil has axial fans. Axial cooling water goes through the water distribution system, evenly to completely cover the surface of the coil under the influence of strong wind. Temperature liquid enters from the upper part of the coil, and the cooled liquid flows out from the bottom of the coil. In this process, the temperature fluid does the heat exchange with water and air in the outer coil, and then the heat exchange effect is significantly improved with the wind.Applications:1. Closed circulation of blast furnace soft water in ironworks;2. The steelmaking plant furnace, crystallizer, oxygen lance and cooling water system of other devices;3. Cooling water system in steel rolling mill, coking plant;4. Cooling water system of blowers, motors, steel rolling machine and other equipment;5. Cooling water system of medium frequency induction furnace, medium frequency and high frequency power supply and electronic control, melting furnace, heating furnace, hardening furnace, vacuum furnace, induction holding furnace;6. Oil circuit cooling of mechanical processing equipment and grinding tools cooling;7. Internal process water cooling in casting, forging and welding equipment.Advantages:Lots of advantages of closed circuit cooling tower equipped with medium frequency and high frequency equipment:1. Improving using life: Ordinary water is easy to produce dirt stains and ne......url:
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