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All In One Hot Water Heat Pump

Create: 10/15/2016
Expired Date:10/16/2018
Category: Electronic
Message:Heat Pump Technologies for Domestic Hot WaterA large amount of domestic hot water is consumed by us every day. In a central hot water system, normally we use a gas boiler, electric boiler or an oil boiler as the heating device. This traditional heating method brings you not only high pollution, but also high energy bill. SPEEDY's hot water heat pumps is especially suitable to be used in residential houses to take place the existed traditional hot water devices. Compared with the most efficient electric or gas boiler, SPEEDY hot water heater pumps can save up to 75% of energy. In addition, it also can be combined with the solar thermal system.Benefits for You● Maximum water temperature up to 65℃ by heat pump mode.● High energy efficiency, high performance factor.● Enameled inner tank, durable and reliable.● Integrated booster heater and anode rod.● Can be combined with solar thermal system with optional solar kit.● Wide operation range from -20 to 43℃ (with booster heater),  heat pump mode from  -7 to 43℃ .● LCD display, intelligent microcomputer control. url:
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