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Create: 10/15/2016
Expired Date:10/16/2018
Category: Art&Musical
Message:Shaanxi Huazhen Biotech Co.,Ltd is one of the professional China esculin manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome to buy pure natural, high-quality and hot sale aesculin, esculin hydrate, escosyl, bicolorin, crataegin, 531-75-9 from our factory.EsculinIUPAC name :7-hydroxy-6-{[(2S,3R,4S,5S,6R)-3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-hydroxymethyl)-2-tetrahydropyranyl]oxy}-2-chromenoneCAS No.: 531-75-9Molecular formula:C15H16O9Molecular weight: 340.28M.P.:203 °CAppearance:  white crystalline powderContent:98% HPLCHerb source: Aesculus chinensis BungeUsage: PharmaceuticalsMain Function:1. Aesculin acts as an astringent, vasoconstrictor, and anti-inflammatory activities. 2. Skin treatments, especially those targeted towards spider veins and varicose veins. Aesculin helps to boost circulation and improve vein health.3. Aesculin is used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with venotonic, capillary- strengthening and antiphlogistic action similar to that of Vitamin P.4. Aesculin is a fluorescent dye that can be extracted from the leaves and bark of the horse chestnut tree. You'll need to shine a black (ultraviolet) light on the indicator to get the full effect.5. Aesculin improved skin vasculature and is effective in the management of cellulitis.Storage: Cool & dry place. Do not freeze. Keep away from strong light and heat. Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.
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