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EOC Converter device

Create: 10/20/2016
Expired Date:10/21/2018
Category: Security&Safe
Message:Main characteristics are as follows: 1. Support multiple node in the network. Can simultaneously access on a cable for up to 20 (equipment) access network cameras terminal equipment; 2. The transmission distance is long. For ordinary SVY75-5 cables,Website:, the maximum transmission distance can reach 2 km, and maintain the TCP/IP throughput is not less than 30 MBPS; 3. The high speed of communication. Based on SVY75-5 circuit, the measured throughput data of TCP/IP: 1) cable length is less than 400 m - 92 MBPS; 2) the cable length is less than 1000 m - 74 MBPS; 3) cable length is less than 2000 m - 30 MBPS; 4. Easy to use and support plug and play, without changing any configuration network cameras and other network terminal equipment; 5. Can make full use of the original coaxial cable, power lines or telephone wiring, communications media, such as the need to laying Ethernet, greatly simplifies the network deployment, reduces the network installation cost;
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