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R22 R134A R410A Brass Manifold Gauge Set

Create: 10/25/2016
Expired Date:10/26/2018
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:R22 R134A R410A Brass Manifold Gauge Set  Superior performanceHigh precision valve controlGauge working stableSuitable for most of refrigerantsBrass Manifold Gauge Types With Sight GlassType Application Gas Charging Hose Length WW-536G R12,R22,R50236'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-560G R12,R22,R50260'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-572G R12,R22,R50272'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-536G-134 R134A36'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-560G-134 R134A60'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-572G-134 R134A72'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-536G-410 R410A36''L with 1/2''-20UNF(5/16'')WW-560G-410 R410A60''L with 1/2''-20UNF(5/16'')WW-572G-410 R410A72''L with 1/2''-20UNF(5/16'')Brass manifold gauge types without sight glassType Application Gas Charging Hose Length WW-636G R12,R22,R50236'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-660G R12,R22,R50260'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-672G R12,R22,R50272'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-636G-134 R134A36'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-660G-134 R134A60'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-672G-134 R134A72'' L with 1/4'' SAEWW-636G-410 R410A36''L with 1/2''-20UNF(5/16'')WW-660G-410 R410A60''L with 1/2''-20UNF(5/16'')WW-672G-410 R410A72''L with 1/2''-20UNF(5/16'') url:
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