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Mandarin Morning Business Chinese Course

Create: 10/24/2017
Expired Date:11/23/2017
Category: Animal containment [Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier]
Message: Business Chinese course is designed for necessary Chinese expression for daily commercial communication and skills. The items are organized in a conversation on communicative function against a commercial Chinese background. You will learn some topice about ecomomic and commercial transaction between China and a foreign cuntry viewed as cross-cultural activities. The topic including: commercial Chinese expression, polite social occasion of reception, greeting, introduction, apology and congratulating. shopping, traveling, bus riding, schedule arrangement, visiting , telephoning and appointment making. getting or giving a quotation, comment or statement appropriate expressions in consulting , giving a brief account of a company or product., negotiating, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, discussing a way to cooperate,company organization, formal meetings, schedule arrangement, advertising, complaint, recruitment, training employees, visiting a factory, cultural similarities and differences, delivery and payment, package insurance, at a trade fair, sign a contract, farewell dinner, etc.  Website: Tel:  0086-021-52287809 Email:
City:Moscow Moscow City[RU] 
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