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Produced Water Pump

Create: 07/04/2018
Expired Date:07/04/2020
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:scope of applicationThe lubricating liquid is mainly used to transport medium and low viscosity. In industrial production,Website:, it is often used as a hydraulic pump, a lubricating pump, a light fuel pump, a pump, and a pump. Installation form Component combination series, with bottom plate type, support type, column foot type and many kinds of structures.Can be used for horizontal, flange and vertical installation, pump inlet and outlet direction can be left and right replacement. Performance parameters (at rotational speed n: 1450 r / min, kinematic viscosity n: 75 / 2 / s) Flow rate Q: 1.4 ~ 560m3/h maximum working pressure: 4MPa Self-priming ability It can be specially designed and produced according to the special requirements of users.Specification type3G30×2-40 3G30×4-40 3G30×2-46 3G30×4-46 3G30×2-52 3G30×3-52 3G30×2-54 3G30×3-54 3G35×4-46 3G35×3-52 3G45×4-27 3G45×4-36 3G45×3-46 3G45×2-52 3G50×3-44 3G50×3-46 3G50×2-52 3G60×4-40 3G60×3-46 3G60×3-52 3G70×3-463G70×2-49 3G70×2-52 3G80×3-27 3G80×3-36 3G80×2-40 3G80×2-46 3G80×2-52 3G85×2-46 3G85×3-46 3G85×3-49 3G85×3-52 3G90×2-46 3G90×2-49 3G90×2-52 3G100×4-40 3G100×3-44 3G100×3-46 3G100×3-52 3G110×4-40 3G110×3-463G110×2-52 3G110×2-54 3G120×4-36 3G120×3-46 3G120×2-49 3G120×2-52 3G130×4-36 3G130×3-40 3G130×3-44 3G130×3-46 3G140×3-46 3G140×2-49 3G140×2-52 3G150×3-46 3G160×3-46 3G180×3-40 3G180×3-44 3G200×3-36 3G200×3-40 3GS200×3-27
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