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Galvanized Steel Sheet

Create: 07/04/2018
Expired Date:07/04/2020
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:Products DescriptionGalvanized steel sheet also named GC Sheets,Website:, are to prevent corrosion of the steel surface to extend its service life, the steel surface coated with a layer of metal zinc. Because zinc can form a good corrosion resistant film on the surface in corrosive environment. It not only protects the zinc layer itself, but also protects the steel base. So galvanization  is the biggest advantage of good corrosion resistance, painting, decorative and good formability. Galvanized steel sheet are mainly used in automobile, home appliances, architecture, machinery, electronics, light industry and other industries.There are three kinds:  electro-galvanized steel , hot dipped galvanized steel and coating galvanized steel.Galvanized steel sheet can be divided into two types: intra line annealing and off-line annealing, namely, the protection gas method and flux method.Professional production and high technology can avoid effectively zinc layer shedding, scratching, passivating spots, zinc particles, thick edges, gas knife scratches, air knife scratches, exposed steel, inclusions, mechanical damage, steel base performance, wave edge, ladle curve, size incompatibility, imprint, incompatibility of zinc layer thickness, roll print, etc.The main reasons for the loss of zinc layer of galvanized steel corrugated sheets: surface oxidation, silicon compound, NOF section oxidation atmosphere, too high dew point of protecting gas, unreasonable air combustion ratio, low hydrogen flow rate, oxygen infiltration of furnace, low temperature of strip, low NOF Duan Luwen, low oil evaporation, low content of aluminum in zinc pot, speed of unit too fast, reduction The time of residence in zinc liquid is too short, and the thickness of coating is too thick.Supereal Enterprise Limited absorbs advanced production equipment, employs experienced engineers and professional and responsible sales team to guarantee avoidance the loss of zinc layer.There a......url:
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