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Colored Carbonless Paper Roll

Create: 07/27/2018
Expired Date:07/27/2020
Category: Office&School Supplies
Message:Colored Carbonless Paper rollSuit for carbonless paper factory purchase1. Product OverviewCarbonless paper is not significantly different from plain paper in appearance,Website:, but it can be used to reproduce, producing the same effect as blue carbon paper (note: carbonless paper produced in some countries such as Europe, America, South Africa, etc. is black), and It will not stain your fingers and clothing, and it is more convenient and hygienic. Since the paper is manufactured without the carbon material of the carbon paper, it is named (carbonless copy paper), referred to as carbonless paper.The carbonless paper roll refers to carbonless paper re-rolled . The conventional paper has a width of 241mm, 381mm, 300mm, 420mm and a length of 6000m. Other special specifications can be customized.2, product characteristicscarbonless paper roll is divided into upper page, middle page and lower page. On the next side of the upper and middle pages, chemical is applied, and on the upper side of the middle and lower pages, another chemical is applied. According to the order of the upper, middle and lower pages, when the impact force of the printing needle or the pressure of the nib is received, two different chemicals will meet and develop color to achieve the purpose of rewriting.The upper page is called CB paper, and only the CB chemical is coated on the next side and is called CB surface; the next page is called CF paper, and only CF chemical is coated on one side and called CF surface; The sheet of paper is called CFB paper, and the upper side is coated with a CF surface and coated on the CB side. It is very important when carbon-free paper is dyed. CB chemicals are coatings containing capsules, binders and auxiliaries. The capsule has a particle size of only 3 to 7 μm, and the outer shell is made of a resin, and the solvent oil contained therein contains a leuco dye. When the capsule is destroyed by external force, the dye oil will flow out. If the CB sur......url:
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