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PTFE Filament Yarn With 200D

Create: 08/23/2018
Expired Date:08/23/2020
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:200D PTFE Filament Yarn is widely used in textile,Website:,construction,special clothing, fire protection and food industry. It with good heat resistance,chemical stability,high tensile strength, low shrinkage, excellent abrasion resistance characteristice and UV resistance. Because PTFE Filament Yarn are fiber-based, can be processed into various types of high-performance mesh,fabic,sewing thread,dental floss,membrane structures,sail, alpine rope,etc. Also can made into special composite materials with other fiber.Base different production process,200D PTFE Filament Yarn include two type, Membrane Tore Yarn and Extruded Yarn.Membrane Tore Yarn, the cross section likes ovalness. After twise process,the breaking force will better. The weakness is hard to contral color difference. It is adequate for construction,membrane structures,etc.Extruded Yarn, the cross section likes roundness. It’s easy to contral color difference but breaking force lower than membrane tore yarn. It is adequate for clothing textile, sail, outdoor wigwam,etc.PTFE Filament Yarn Technical Parameters And Standard SizeDensityTolerance200D+/-10%300D400D450D500D800D1000D1200DPropertiesResultBreaking Force ( N )6~48Heat Shrinkage ( % )Max 3%TitreAccording to the customer request
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