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PTFE Needle Felt General Type

Create: 08/23/2018
Expired Date:08/23/2020
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:PTFE needle felt general type is the main product for producing PTFE filter bags. First of all,Website:, 100% virgin PTFE scrim was made by membrane tear PTFE filament yarn. Then PTFE staple fibers were processed by needling process. In the later stage, the process of impregnation or laminating can be done according to the requirements of customers. PTFE needle felt is suitable for harsh environment with high corrosive conditions and high temperature. It has been in the fields of waste incineration, medical waste incineration, thermal power generation and chemical gas filtration.PTFE Needle Felt Specification SheetAir PermabilityL/d (M2.min)Min 90Grams Square Meterg/m2750 +/-10%Warp Ulimate Elongation@200(N/5cm)Max 5Weft Ulimate Elongation@200(N/5cm)Max 5Warp Tensile ElongationN/5cmMin 450Weft Tensile ElongationN/5cmMin 450Thicknessmm0.6~1.0PTFE NEEDLE FELT GENERAL TYPEConstituent, 100% PTFE scrim and 100% PTFE fiber.Average weght, 750 g.m2Thickness, 1.2 mmDensity, 0.63g/cm3 Air permability, 100L/dm2*min90 min max contraction @ 260 centi degree, Warp max 3% and weft max 3%.Working temperature, uninterrupted 240 centi degree and instantaneous 260 centi degree
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