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PTFE Sewing Thread With 1250D

Create: 08/23/2018
Expired Date:08/23/2020
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:1250D PTFE sewing thread is make from 100% PTFE filament fiber. Because PTFE materials with excellent UV resistance and working lifespan, so 1250D PTFE sewing thread has better function than other fiber. At the same time, the outdoor product’s working environment is complex and changeable. So people have to face many troubles of aging and breakage. PTFE sewing thread can adapt to extreme cold, extreme heat, strong UV radiation and long-term wear. It’ll be the best choose for out door application. PTFE Sewing Thread Technical ParametersDensity1000D1250D1500D2800DBreaking Force20N36N45N81NTitre400 T/mTensile StrengthMin 3.0(g/den or 27 CN/Tex)Working Temperature-190~+260 centi degreeShrinkageMax 4% ( at 260 centi degree 30 min)Length(per kg)9000 m7200 m6000 m3200 m url:
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