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0.5ML Microcentrifuge Tube

Create: 11/01/2016
Expired Date:11/01/2018
Category: Art&Musical
Message:0.5ML Micro Centrifuge Tubes DNase/RNase free and non-pyrogenic Maximum rotate speed up to 25,000xg Graduated tube with big frosted writing area This tube is made from high quality virgin PP, autoclavable, and we could supply them as various of colors. VolumeCat#ProductsColorPackage Specification0.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesMT05010.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesNatural10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05020.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesYellow10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05030.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesBlue10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05040.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesPink10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05050.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesOrange10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05060.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesPurple10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05070.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesBrown10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case) url:
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