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Rich Century DLP Projector

Create: 05/12/2019
Expired Date:05/12/2021
Category: Electronic
Message:Rich Century DLP Projector With the deepening of education multimedia process, the projector has become an essential education facility for classrooms in various schools and even for general education offices. Moreover, as a display device, projectors and video education in the middle of living in the core position, bear the extremely important task. In the field of education, the demand for projection products is increasing, and the requirements for educational models are constantly increasing. How to choose an excellent projector for education for students becomes a challenge for purchasing personnel in the education system today. Now, let's take the Rich Century DLP Projector as an example to talk about the issues that need attention in the education of projector type procurement and application. First, we focus on the "future" in the classroom - the student body. Any school out of social considerations, in the choice of educational projection products are absolutely cautious, so only the superior quality of products can ultimately remain invincible. Ricoh's proprietary projector for the education industry, the Rich Century DLP Projector, uses DLP technology to provide a more natural and stable playback of the image while eliminating the rainbow. Light bulb with intelligent control system, through the body of the light-sensitive system to detect the brightness of the surrounding environment, according to ambient light brightness of the light source, you can well protect the user's eyes, while more effective energy-saving. With NCE's color management technology, the projected images are colorful and beautiful, recreating the true, yet more versatile, visual effects. 1280 × 720 high-resolution interpretation of the high-definition picture quality, picture layering stronger, allowing students to capture every detail screen. With a brightness of 350 lumens, the Rich Century DLP Projector makes it easy for students to see notes and VIDEOs witho......url:
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