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product name:M21

Create: 09/26/2016
Expired Date:09/26/2018
Category: Equipment&Machinery
Message: M21 backpressure turbine is single stage backpressure.Its rotor uses a velocity-compounded stage impeller..Nozzle pitch diameter is 624mm.Its speed regulating system can use KOEI electronic speed governing,and also can use woodward TG17 or TG13 mechanical governor and TG17E+2301A controller electronic governing system,thin oil site forced lubrication.Its speed of main shaft is 1500-4500r/min,and it can achieve gear shaft output to installation of gearbox according to user requirements.The main feature of models is the use of low-temperature,low-pressure steam as steam source dragging revolving mechanical to realize the energy stave using for energy conservation and economize on raw materials.  When ordering,please send us the following informations. 1.What kind of driven machinery to be used. 2.Number of units required. 3.Required output. 4.Required speed and direction of driven machinery. 5.Steam parameters: (a)Inlet pressure (b)Inlet temperature or superheat degree (c)Exhaust pressure 6.Destired steam consumption 7.Required speed regulating range and foverning method. 8.Operation mode:Continuous,intermittent or spare. 9.Arrangement mode:Single-deck or double-deck,and requirements concerning the orientation of steam inlet and exhaust piping. 10.Ambient condition:Indoor or outdoor,conditions of dust and hazardous gas in air.atmospheric pressure and temperature. 11.Colling water conditions:Temperature,water quality. 12.Date of delivery and destination. Technical specifications of the prdduct: Trpe reted power(KW) Speed (r/m) Inlet  ......url:
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