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American manufacturer tried on sampling hydraulic relief valves for 4 weeks but failed, AAK achieved it in half the time

Create: 06/10/2022
Expired Date:07/10/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Jone is a hydraulic customer from the United States. His company has recently developed a hydraulic relief valve suitable for machines with high impact and high load. Because of the high requirements of working conditions, the steel used for the hydraulic relief valve has not been approved yet. They have been testing in the local hydraulic relief valve manufacturers in the United States for several weeks. Due to the high cost of proofing in the United States, they want to turn to Chinese hydraulic relief valve manufacturers for sampling and testing. Jone compared more than 10 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers and selected 3 to make samples. After receiving and testing the samples of hydraulic relief valves, none of them can meet the requirements of service conditions, and the test results are much worse than those of local manufacturers in the United States. Although these 3 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers changed the materials and improved the parameters, the toughness and plasticity of the steel still did not meet the working conditions, and Jone and his team were at a loss what to do. His friend Tom recommended him to contact AAK hydraulic valve for a try. Jone sent us an email with a try attitude. According to his hydraulic relief valve drawings and the working conditions with large impact force and high load, our engineers were not 100% sure, but were 90% sure, giving 2-3 weeks.
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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