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Originally, the hydraulic manifolds had to need after-sales service 4 times a year, and there is no jamming fault after using AAK’s

Create: 06/15/2022
Expired Date:07/15/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:There is a spread in the hydraulic valve industry: those who can do a good job in hydraulic valves may not be able to do a good job in hydraulic manifolds; those who do a good job in hydraulic manifolds, and basically can do a good job in hydraulic valves. Baptiste is from DMH France. The hydraulic manifolds purchased in Italy before was transferred to the hydraulic valve manufacturer who has cooperated for 4 years. However, he suffered from the 4 times a year after-sales of hydraulic manifolds. In the second half of last year, Baptiste purchased 30 hydraulic relief valves from AAK, which is the 4th time of purchasing in the year, and the quantity is the same every time. It is a little strange. After communication, I learned that a hydraulic equipment developed by them at the beginning of last year has stains on the hydraulic oil every few months, resulting in the jamming of the hydraulic relief valves. The replacement of 4 times a year keeps the customer complaining.
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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