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AAK defines total quality from 4 aspects, which is the first time in the hydraulic valve industry

Create: 06/18/2022
Expired Date:07/18/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:An American IP left a message on our website: I saw your article "I regard quality as the highest principle of hydraulic valve manufacturing, why?". I want to know how AAK defines the quality of hydraulic valves. I specially checked the IP, which is an engineer from an engineering company listed in the United States. I thought for half an hour. To define a category, it must be comprehensive. What are the total quality of hydraulic valves? How much do we understand the quality of hydraulic valves? First, don't check the encyclopedia, Google, or hydraulic valve academic, but focus on hydraulic valve common sense. In common sense, how do you understand the quality of hydraulic valves, because our users also understand the quality with common sense. Friends who have read science and engineering know that there is a very famous management in Japan called total quality management. Of course, PDCA was invented by American Deming. What is carried forward is in Japan. The well-known Japanese enterprises implement total quality management. Almost all those engaged in manufacturing industry know total quality management, but few mention total quality. Some people say that total quality management has talked about total quality? Wrong, total quality management does not talk about total quality, only about management. For the total quality of AAK hydraulic valves, I have defined 4 kinds of quality. The 1st is the manufacturing quality of hydraulic valves, the 2nd is the service quality of AAK, the 3rd is the functional quality of hydraulic valves, and the 4th is the performance quality of hydraulic valves. The manufacturing quality of AAK hydraulic valves is now benchmarked with the international first-line brand, and the future is to surpass the international first-line brand. Especially in a subdivision field, such as high-pressure hydraulic valves, we should achieve top 1%.
City:Hangzhou Zhejiang[CN] 
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