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Change the design of hydraulic directional control valve, the vibration disappears, and AAK eliminated Canadian factory at zero cost

Create: 06/24/2022
Expired Date:07/24/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Hunter is an old purchaser of EAGLE PRO company in Canada. It has been several years since he purchased hydraulic directional control valves from AAK. In the second half of last year, Hunter emailed that he would become the general manager of Hangzhou branch in a month and visit AAK. Hunter has been engaged in procurement for 5 or 6 years. This promotion must be due to outstanding contributions. Some time ago, their company developed a batch of hydraulic cylinders, which vibrated greatly during commissioning. Their engineer thought that there was a problem with the hydraulic directional control valve, but the hydraulic directional control valve was normal when tested separately. The engineer was confused, and the boss was also very anxious. He asked hunter to consult the manufacturer of hydraulic directional control valves. This hydraulic directional control valve is produced by a local factory in Canada. After on-site analysis, the engineer of the original factory thinks that the vibration is caused by the sharp change of oil port pressure during the reversing of the hydraulic directional control valve. It can be solved by changing the hydraulic manifold design. The engineer's scheme is to connect two small adjustable one-way throttle valves in series on the control oil circuit at both ends of the hydraulic direction control valve. After 20 days, according to the plan of the original hydraulic directional control valve manufacturer, there was no vibration. The boss was very happy and let Hunter be promoted. Knowing that the installation of two throttle valves has increased their cost by 20%, I wonder if there is any other scheme. After getting their hydraulic direction control valve drawings, hydraulic manifold drawings and the hydraulic schematic diagram of the system, AAK engineers began to analyze.
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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