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High Quality Manual Chainess Window Roller Blind

Create: 10/05/2016
Expired Date:10/05/2018
Category: Consumer electronics
Message:High quality manual chainless window roller blindSpecification1. Perfect solar screen effect;2. Economic, durable, easy clean, nice looking can be customized;3. Enjoy the sun and protect the privacy freely;4. Size can be customized;5. Wind proof, fiber proof, long lasting.Product DescriptionChainless blind principle introductionChainless blind is suitable for linear, arc and line and building structure, with simple, practical, fully reveal in high-grade building blocks. Bead-chainless blind has pronounced effect on control easily, sunshade, shading, the pattern and many colors etc. Which can be exempt a lot of inconvenience from other operation. Spring roller blinds rewind automatically by its own spring torque, is a high kinetic energy window supplier, with fast up and down. Good decorative effect, easy clean and long service time etc.Chainless blind functions:1.Using advanced engineering plastics, add a 15% grass fiber nylon, durability ,durable.2. Special bracket, strong, easy to installed .The gap of both sides in blinds is not more than 2.5cm.3. Has good resistance to self sliding .Anti weight and not gliding down when interval used 12000 times more.4. Bead-chainless blind specification: according to the height of the window can determine the height of beads in order to achieve the best results. Can use stainless steel beads;5.Spring roller blinds uses high grade spring. Light pull and strong locking force. url:
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