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Yin Style Bagua Palm

Create: 11/26/2016
Expired Date:11/27/2018
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:Yin style Bagua PalmYin Fu, from Ji county of Hebei province, had been studying under Dong Haichun for many years. He used to teach Luohan fist and Paochui first, then teach Bagua Palm. Penetrating palm accounts more in  his attacking skills, Leg movements are stressed. The power alternates kindness with severity. With this unique style, later generations call it as "Yin style Bagua Palm".Wang Shangzhi has been practicing Yin Family Baguazhang for over 60 years.  He spent his life at the feet of Yin Fu's family members and his own father, who was the disciple of Yin Yuzhang, Yin Fu's 4th son. Wang Shangzhi is recognized as the only disciple of He Zhongqi, Yin Fu's grandson.He learned from both He Zhongqi and Wang Fu for many years and was associated with He Zhongqi for close to 50 years.He is expert in the full Yin family system and is seeking to spread it to all who are interested in learning. In 2011 the Chinese government named him the "Heritor" (custodian) of the "China Intangible Cultural Heritage" of Baguazhang. url:
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