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Container Generator

Create: 10/05/2016
Expired Date:10/06/2018
Category: Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier
Message:LEES container generator set uses advanced sound-absorbing material, through scientific design and the advanced technology in the field of acoustics, airflow to achieve the goal that reduces the noise. The CSC certification, in line with international container security convention, ensures shipping directly as a standard container, greatly saving the cost of transportation.1. Container girder is used square tube to manufacture (unlike ordinary standard container) to improve the mechanical strength of container, which will be higher dynamic load impact.2. All hinges, locks, bolts use stainless steel material, installed in the container against the waves, rain intrusion to prevent device.3. The doors of container can be opened. There is a side door on both sides of the box. The box is equipped with a ladder outside , easy to maintain and repair.4. According to international standard container, below the 1000 KVA, it will use 20'ft container and 40'HQ container for above 1250KVA.5. Suitable for the places, which have strict demand of noise pollution, such as hospitals, office space, open, wild fixed construction. The design also has the function to prevent rain, snow, sand, etc.6. The fuel tank and pipe, oil discharge, muffler, etc have many unique design, which is more convenient for customers use.7. Optional accessories: automatic fuel pump, coolant pump, double fuel-water separator, automatic parallel system, etc.                 url:
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