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Sep 04 2022 CN For the hydraulic pressure control valve with 4 precision requirements, it took Hannelore 4 months to know that only AAK can do it56
Sep 17 2022 CN AAK hydraulic pressure control valve with 1μm Accuracy Tolerance and Opening and Closing for 1 second, helping Trinidad promoted to director56
Aug 31 2022 CN Hydraulic manifold problem that has not been solved for 2 years, and there is no complaint for 1 year after using AAK sample55
Sep 21 2022 CN The surface roughness of AAK hydraulic directional control valves with mirror grinding is 12 times better than that of its peers55
Sep 30 2022 CN For the Hydraulic relief valves within 2μm hole accuracy, only AAK 100% met the requirements55
Oct 04 2022 CN 90% of the people do not know hydraulic valves. How does AAK persist for 13 years?55
Oct 07 2022 CN The potential safety hazard of the hydraulic column can not be found, AAK newly designed hydraulic pressure reducing valves solved it with O-ring55
Nov 11 2022 CN For the 450bar pressure resistant and abrasion free hydraulic relief valve, only HAWE and AAK have been approved by Gonzalo54
Sep 25 2022 CN AAK hydraulic flow control valves were still normal after being used for 15 months near the sea, while that of the peers corroded after 10 months54
Aug 26 2022 CN With AAK hydraulic manifolds, the energy consumption of the original unsalable equipment not only decreased by 20%, but also became hot seller54
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