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EP-2018 CE approved rockets assorment by Chinasky fireworks

Create: 07/06/2016
Expired Date:07/07/2017
Category: Sport&Recreation&Entertainment
Message:ROCKET LAND 8 x Zeus (EP-2005: 2xColorful coconut, 2xRed coconut with green glitters pistil, 2xSilver glittering willow, 2xKing brocade crown with red glitters pistil), 9x Helios (EP-2004: 3xChry. flowers with red palm pistil, 3xChry. flowers with silver palm pistil, 3xChry. flowers with golden palm pistil), 8 x Atlas (EP-2003: 2xGold willow with blue star, 2xBrocade crown with blue star, 2xGolden palm with lemon star, 2xColorful Dahlia), 8 x Apollo (EP-2002: 2xRed peony with silver glitters, 2xBlue peony with gold glitters, 2xPurple peony with green glitters, 2xColorful peony with time rain). Packing:6/33 Spec.:various Caliber:various P.W.:1,001.46g F2 1.3G
City:Changsha Hunan[CN] 
Jul 06 2016EP-9006 CE approved single shot by Chinasky fireworks496
Jul 06 2016EP-8027 CE approved smoke tube by Chinasky firworks606
Jul 06 2016EP-AS003 CE approved box assortment by Chinasky fireworks605
Jul 06 2016EP-AS013-F1 CE approved assortment fireworks by Chinasky fireworks614
Jul 06 2016EP-2018 CE approved rockets assorment by Chinasky fireworks587
Jul 06 2016EP-2002 CE approved rockets by Chinasky fireworks584
Jul 06 2016EP-4037A CE approved cakes by Chinasky fireworks608
Jul 06 2016EP-4032C CE approved cakes by Chinasky fireworks603
Jul 06 2016EP-3002A CE approved ground spinners by Chinasky fireworks607
Jul 06 2016EP-1023 CE approved fountains by Chinasky fireworks627

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