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Mini ROV

Create: 08/01/2016
Expired Date:08/31/2016
Category: Fishing&Aquaculture equipment [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Mini ROV with protection frame is a newly upgraded cable controlled underwater observation device which has added protection frame (compressed polypropylene) to strengthen its impact-resistant ability. The ROV is equipped with four high power thrusters driven with brushless motors. The forward speed is more than 2 knots with excellent maneuverability. The rated depth of the mini ROV can reach 300 meters. The Mini ROV can be equipped with 1080P HD vision sensor and is capable of carrying sonar, USBL, manipulators and micro online water quality sensors such as PH sensor and salinity sensor, etc. General Specification System Configuration: mini ROV, control unit and umbilical cable Rated depth: 300m Speed: >2 knots Thruster: 4(2 horizontal and 2 vertical), with 5 or 6 thrusters optional Total Weight: 30kg
City:Qingdao Shandong[CN] 
Aug 01 2016Mini ROV756
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Aug 01 2016Stationary Type Digital HD Underwater Camera734

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