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Vinyl Gloves Powder Free Blue

Create: 08/13/2016
Expired Date:08/18/2020
Category: Cleaning supplies [Home&Garden Supplies]
Message:Our powder free clear vinyl gloves are thicker and more protective than the powdered ones and a medical grade used for food factories. Popular as a latex replacement in surgeries, nurseries and industry. Completely latex free. Vinyl food service gloves work great for food processing and in the industrial and janitorial industries. These disposable vinyl gloves offer a snug fit and whether for industrial use, hair salons or food service use. Vinyl gloves are easier to slide on and off than latex and are the ideal alternative for the latex-sensitive user. The vinyl food service gloves come in a variety of sizes. • superior durability and strength • ambidextrous, great dexterity & textured for extra grip • Powder Free gloves suits low residual requirements • Single use - Non sterile • Latex free • Available in box also bulk
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