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Frozen Baby Octopus Cut 2 legs

Create: 09/19/2016
Expired Date:09/30/2025
Category: Shellfish [Food&Beverage&Tobacoo]
Message:* Write us on: ALEX.TINTHINHCO-at-GMAIL.COM * Add SKYPE: snow_rose26 to discuss direct, thanks! supply Frozen Seafoods from Vietnam as tune, mahi mahi, wahoo, marlin, swordfish, cobia, parrotfish, grouper, king snapper, barramudi, emperor, red mullet, indian mackerel, red snapper, tilapia, ribbon, salmon, round scad, leather jacket, anchovy, blue shark, sweetlip, blue shark, pearl perch, escolar, queenfish, doctor fish, cat tiger, vannamei, shrimp, clams, octopus, cuttlefish, scallop, mussels, snail, seafood cocktail, fish skewer, etc with best quality. Please kindly contact Ms ALEX under (+84)169.994.8793(whatsapp,viber) anytime for further information Welcome all your inquiry!!!
City:Nha Trang[VN] 
Sep 19 2016Frozen Mahi Mahi Slices, Steak, Portion, Fillet, Skewer435
Sep 19 2016Frozen Baby Octopus Cut 2 legs475
Sep 19 2016Frozen Squid Loligo Flower Cut455
Sep 19 2016Frozen Seafood Mix609
Sep 19 2016Ulva Lactuca Seaweed, Gracilaria Seaweed564
Sep 19 2016Raw Sea Salt535
Sep 19 2016Fresh / Frozen Sugarcane Stick for making juice618
Sep 19 2016Fresh and Frozen Lime Seedless631
Sep 19 2016Fresh / Frozen Rambutan, Avocado, Passion Fruit, Jackfruit, Mango488
Sep 19 2016GRAVIOLA / SOURSOP447

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