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ReaSevt - food supplement with 100% natural Bulgarian rose water

Create: 10/31/2016
Expired Date:12/23/2016
Category: Water [Food&Beverage&Tobacoo]
Message:Rose water contains rose oil, which as integral part of rose water contains a bouquet of over 50 water-soluble substances, which together give the rose water qualities that are essential in aromatherapy and are preferred for centuries to return the youth to soothe and tone. Some of the many water-soluble components are: Phenylethyl alcohol; Polyphenols; Geranial; Eugenol; Linalool; Nerol Elemol and many others; It has a complex effect on the human body expressed as: Favors the normal function of the digestive, urinary, respiratory and nervous system; Stimulates the function of liver, gall bladder and kidneys; It helps regulation of the levels of blood sugar; It has antibacterial activity; Tastes and refreshes the mouth; Harmonization;
City:Sofia Grad Sofiya[BG] 
Oct 31 2016ReaSevt - food supplement with 100% natural Bulgarian rose water383
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