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YJ-YM D450 night vision binoculars review

Create: 11/07/2016
Expired Date:12/31/2025
Category: Photographic enlargers [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:The model of YJ-YM D450 night vision binoculars has a high performance super two generation image intensifier, thus greatly improve the clarity of observation, night vision binoculars’ distance up to 450 meters. As long as they can meet the light illuminance 10-3 lux (light of weak surface) conditions of use, can be carried out at night in the open air sniper operations. In addition, the gun has an automatic anti glare protection function, is very suitable for urban operations. The gun is equipped with an independent controllable infrared auxiliary lighting device, which can meet the different conditions of operation of the army and the police. The gun aiming for the international general standard Picatinny rails, comes with its own connection mechanism, were applied to China's 85 7.62mm and 88 type 5.8mm sniper rifle. YJ-YM D450 night vision binoculars review Product features: 1. high magnification 2. long-distance observation 3. advanced optical system 4. high resolution 5. exquisite and durable material 6. built-in infrared auxiliary lighting device 7. reliable and easy maneuverability 8. year warranty, life-long maintenance YJ-YM D450 night vision binoculars review Specifications: Image intensifier grade 2+/3 Magnification (double) 4 Field of view (degree) 8.6 Exit pupil distance (mm) 55 Observation distance (m) 450 Resolution (line to / mm) 57-72 Signal to noise ratio 21-25 Refractive (degree) +3/-4 Exterior size (mm) 310X85X75 Weight (Qian Ke) 0.93 Battery type (DC) 2 ordinary 5 battery Supply voltage (V) 3 Continuous working hours (hours) 60 Working temperature range (c) -40/+50 Relative humidity at 25 degrees C 98%
City:Guangzhou Guangdong[CN] 
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