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Boron trifluoride

Create: 11/17/2016
Expired Date:11/17/2016
Category: Chemical elements [Chemical]
Message:Boron trifluoride Name:Boron trifluoride Synonym:BORON FLUORIDE;BORON TRIFLUORIDE GAS;BORON TRIFLUORIDE;anca1040;BF3;Borane,trifluoro-;Boron fluoride (BF3);boronfluoride(bf3) CAS: 7637-07-2 EINECS:206-766-4 Assay:99% M.F:BF3 M.W:67.81 MP or BP: -127 °C(lit.);-100 °C(lit.) Density:.90 g/mL at 20 °C Appearance:colorless transparent liquid Application:The catalyst is used as ionic polymerization, condensation, isomerization reaction, or preparation tetrafluoroborate raw materials. Mainly used for ion semiconductor devices and integrated circuits production injection and doping. Mainly used as catalyst for organic reactions, such as esterification, alkylation, isomerization, polymerization, nitration, sulfonation. Anti oxidant of cast magnesium and alloy. Is the main raw material for preparing halogenated boron, boron, boron, sodium borohydride. Also for the electronics industry. Package:40L/Small Fluorinated Bottles Standard:Enterprise standard MOQ:25kg Price:USD19/kg
City:Wuhan Hubei[CN] 
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