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woodpulp/polyester lint free spunlace nonwoven fabric

Create: 11/22/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:Composition:55%wood pulp+45%polyester Fabric Lapping:Cross lapping, Parallel lapping Basic weight:40-120gsm Color:White, blue, turquoise Fabric pattern: Plain, creped, printed, mesh Feature: 1. Tough and durable, wet or dry; won’t shred and tear when working with tools and parts. 2. Longer lasting; users may find that using fewer wipes for each cleanup. 3. Washes easily, yet is inexpensive enough to treat as a disposable 4. Absorbent—soaks up to four times its weight in water 5. Wipes dry 6. Absorbs oil and solvents- great for cleaning up spills, hands and equipment. 7. Low-lint 8. Soft enough for polishing and finishing 9. No additives to contaminate surfaces Application: 1. Traps debris such as broken glass, grease, dirt 2. Gentle scrubs away built-up contamination without damaging underlying surface 3. Lasts longer than ordinary towels 4. Ideal for preparing surfaces and cleaning up spills 5. Fewer fibers that can cause product defects 6. Crafted to stand up against the dirt, grease, and grime encountered
City:Beijing, China[CN] 
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