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Iran Base Oil

Create: 12/11/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Lubricant [Chemical]
Message:Dear Sir/Madam, ZISTA GROUP was first established in 2005 as a trading group and during the last decade it has been expanding its network and business through China, Hong Kong, Iran, Singapore and several other countries worldwide. Please kindly check our website as below for checking our details and references: We are supplier and provider of all petroleum oils including Bitumen, Base Oil, Slack Wax, Paraffin Wax and Rubber Process Oil (RPO). Zista Group supply of Base Oil is direct from Iranian Refineries and we have been empowered to develop market for Iranian Base Oil in East Asia. We are in position to supply different grades of Base Oil as below: Grades Available Packaging Drum Flexi Bulk Base Oil SN 150 √ √ Base Oil SN 500 √ √ √ Base Oil SN 600 √ √ Base Oil is a commodity which has worldwide consumption and price reference, depending on International references such as Argus & ICIS for the Middle East supply. Zista Group is proud to announce its capability to offer Fixed & Formula prices both for Supply of Base Oil in order for buyers to be able to manage short term and long term contracts, while having an open hand in the available packaging and especially Flexi bags, makes it possible to deliver the product anywhere in the world intact and with certified quality. We shall await to receive your genuine inquiry in order to advance to a long term mutual business, Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further discussions.
City:Tehran Tehran[IR] 
Feb 13 2019Oxidized Bitumen362
Dec 11 2016Paraffin Wax480
Dec 11 2016Slack Wax562
Dec 11 2016Iran Base Oil465
Dec 11 2016Gilsonite559

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