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bamboo charcoal nano powder

Create: 12/13/2016
Expired Date:12/31/2017
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:When the bamboo is under high temperature and fed with oxygen according to the temperature, it will be thermo-labile to solid material and become hard and black charcoal. When meets the air, the bamboo charcoal can absorb all kinds of toxin gas to purify the air; when in water, it can absorb hazardous substance to make ordinary water to be wholesome drinking water. It can help people ward off diseases, prevent diseases and improve health. There are countless microorganisms in the holes of the bamboo charcoal. The microorganisms and the absorption effect of the bamboo charcoal are beneficial to people. When put indoor, the bamboo charcoal can deodorize, dehumidify and absorb hazardous chemicals such as “Environmental Hormone”. The hazardous chemicals absorbed can be decomposed by microorganisms to harmless substances. The microorganism can make soil alkaline to help plants grow. The bamboo charcoal has conductivity, release far infrared ray and negative ion and adjust the humidity of the air. Bamboo charcoal nano powder (1 micrometer-0.2 micrometer) has high use value in textile industry, such as, bedding articles, underwear, medical protective clothing, high-grade garment fabrics, automobile inner decoration products, face guard against electromagnetic radiation from household appliance and so on. The bamboo charcoal powder can promote and improve the blood circulation, and can be used in adjuvant treatment in insomnia and hypertension. Widely used in: textile, cosmetics, military industry, chemicals, water purification, foods, medical industry, anti-static material, painting, functional materials, rubber, printing ink, battery capacitor and etc.
City:Tianjin Tianjin[CN] 
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