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Tantalite - Coltan- Tantalum Ore - 35% Ta2O5

Create: 06/28/2017
Expired Date:06/25/2019
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:We are a corporation located in Dar es Salaam - Tanzania. From our mining corporation we sell coltan containing tantalite above 30 percent of tantalum dioxide. We supply Columbite-tantalite (Coltan) with minimum levels of 30% of Tantalum to an average of 40% concentration of tantalum dioxide. Plants that give preference to refined coltan coltan which is above 35% Ta2O5. 500kg minimum order. More information. TANTALITE ORE RARE EARTH METAL 500 MT ready stock in Drums FOB DAR ES SALAAM DELIVERY PROMPT DELIVERY AGAINTS INSPECTION & SAMPLING BY BUYER Ta2O5 37,93% Nb2O5 16,00% ThO2 0,059% U3O8 0,199% V2O5 0,11% Fe2O3 26,90% Cr2O3 7,44% TiO2 13,40% SiO2 2,16% S
City:Dar es Salaam[TZ] 
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