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Create: 03/06/2018
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Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:1.Treeland Fashion Pty Ltdlocated in Guangdong Province,Shenzhen City,Futian district,Futian District, Shenzhen Shennan Road 6031, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Fuchun Business Building, Room 1415,with elegant environment and information delivered smoothly.Creation surplus textile LTD is a specialized sydney,jeans company. 2.Creation surplus textile apparel Decorative items of the human body. Including clothing, shoes, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, ties, bags, parasols, hair accessories and so on. The ancients, it is used to modesty, and now people for the understanding of new things continue to progress, clothing material, style is also varied. Main Category: Tops, Pants. Tops include: sweaters, shirts, half sleeves, jackets, down jackets, suits, bra and so on Pants include; shorts, underwear, trousers, trousers and so on Excellent rabbit hair blended fabric feel good, velvet wool texture, in the cool days to bring a trace of warmth, bring the skin warm and intimate feeling. Slim version of the type has a significant effect, waist design and slightly puff skirt, forming a sharp contrast, even more slender waist, while the performance of the perfect leg lines. Clothing, is a symbol of human civilization, but also the elements of human life. It is in addition to meet peoples material needs, but also represents a certain period of culture. "Clothing" in the ancient, in addition to the body refers to the clothes, and another broad and narrow sense of the two explanations. Narrow clothing, specifically refers to the coat; generalized clothing, including a piece of things. Decorated to increase the appearance of people gorgeous. Clothing has three main effects: cold, modesty, decoration. Its production and evolution, and economic, political, ideological, cultural, geographical, historical and religious beliefs, living customs, etc., are closely related to each other has a certain influence. All ages, different nationalities
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
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