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apparelThe brand is good in the industry Ladies short denim

Create: 03/22/2019
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Category: Home&Garden Supplies
Message:1.Treeland Fashion Pty Ltd are one of the leading pants manufacturer in China. The introduction of company is following:pantsPants, the English name of the trousers, refers to the people wearing the waist below the clothing, generally by a waistband, a crotch, two legs from the sewing, the role of warm, warm, fashion, originated in the Warring States period, the invention of China.Men and women on the body there is a big difference, so in the pants of the cutting process has a different way, the body of the waist of the lower end of the female body than the waist of the body is higher, so they decided the same height Pants under the pants and long file is larger than mens trousers. Pants waist depression than men significantly, buttocks waist circumference of the difference is greater than the male, female body than the mens buttocks more full, lateral buttocks more protruding, buttocks lower than the male body, so pants than men Pants after the province of larger, longer, after the file side slope more foot, while the pants waist and hip hip than the pants more foot bigger. Because men and women there are physiological differences, so the decision of the pants before the file stove than women, but also decided to set the door in the front center, and pants can be set before and after, and then determine the pants can be designed before and after the door Mens trousers can not.Male designThe name of a large number of pants, from the shape can be divided into trousers, bell pants, awning pants, loose pants and other four. Pants have a variety of design and functionality, wearing a variety of ways. Only as a side of the bag and then open the bag there are many kinds. The design of the pants is also different depending on the purpose of wearing, such as the presence or absence of live pleat. The design of the mouth is usually two pants feet and trousers, but there are special feet like a hoof foot. Because of the variety of pants design, so, with the shirt with the ve
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
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