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Smart Electronic Class Information Board with Sign-in Management System

Create: 01/25/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Education Appliance [Office&School Supplies]
Message:1.22. Intelligent Electronic Capacitive Class Information Board BD21.5-B08 Class information board system is a device mounted at the classroom entry, acting as digital display platform of class culture for the teachers and students. Movable and centralized management on displaying of cultural information of the intellectual class, it also equipped with an attendance system, by which teachers and students can sign in through mobile device or swiping card. Teachers can check the daily attendance record and obtain the information of students in classroom and their safety. Parents also know their children’s information of arrival at school and leaving from school. a)Product features 1)- Structure design: 1) Flat surface structure, ergonomic design, slim and beautiful, streamline modeling, sophisticated technology 2) Integrated ultra thin design of display, touch control and computer, thickness is only 43mm; 2)- Using effect: 1) Using the latest innovative touch control projected capacitive plate, perfect 10-point touch, support handwriting or multi-point gesture; 2) Touch speed is less than 3ms, high precision, simple use and easy maintenance; 3) Anti-light interference, make sure the precision of operation (normal use under direct glare); 3)- Wide extension: flexible configuration for various accessories of customer need. 4)- High safety: aluminum alloy + steel plate structure, blind edge, anti-wear and anti-corrosion paint process, integrated explosion protection design; 5)- Stable performance: advanced design philosophy, strict production process; stable and reliable product quality, low failure rate; 6)- Easy installation: on/off by one key with power on, free of site installation and debugging; 7)- Support timing switch function, realize unattended function. b)Product size 1) Specification: 21.5 inch. 2) Display scale; 16:9 3) Display area: 478*270 4) Resolution: 1920*1080P 5) Overall dimensions: 527*426*28mm
City:Guangzhou Guangdong[CN] 
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