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Custom Flat Wire or Ribbon Wire With Various Alloys and Gauge

Create: 02/14/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:Flat Wire – Wide Range of Choice and Applications Flat Wire is drawn from round wires. It is rolled into a flat cross section into optional sizes through a series of rolling operations and intermediate anneals where necessary. The flat wires are available in different alloys based on various applications. And gauge ranges from 0.3 mm to 12 mm. They can be packed in straight bars or coils for different requirements. * More thickness and widths are available upon request. SHAPED WIRE CATALOGS MATERIAL Iron Steel Stainless steel Aluminum Copper & copper alloy Four different materials of flat wires on gray background. Flat Wire Text SURFACE TREATMENT Hot dipped galvanized Electrical galvanized Electroplating Several different edges of flat wires on white background Flat Wire Text EDGES Square edge Rounded Natural rolled Full rounded A piece of flat wire with square edge FW-01: Square edge. A piece of flat wire with rounded edge FW-02: Rounded edge. A piece of flat wire with natural rolled edge FW-03: Natural edge. A piece of flat wire with full round edge FW-04: Full round edge. Flat Wire Text
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Feb 14 2019Custom Flat Wire or Ribbon Wire With Various Alloys and Gauge162

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