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Custom Circle Stickers | Lemon Slice Custom Stickers | ™

Create: 03/06/2019
Expired Date:06/21/2019
Category: Designing&Planning [Business Service]
Message:Lemon is an acidic fruit, generally eat lemon is not eaten directly, but cut into lemon slices, and then add honey to make lemonade. Scientific drinking lemon water is good for the human body, it can beauty, anti-aging, and then can prevent cardiovascular disease. So if you have lemons, make lemonade. It's healthy and easy to make. Our lemon slice custom sticker is 2.9 feet tall and belongs to the custom circle sticker. If you need to make your own lemonade, I recommend you buy our lemon slice custom stickers. You can attach it to your cup to decorate and differentiate the other cups. You don't need to worry about our stickers falling off when you touch water. All our stickers are waterproof. Go to and buy it! Size: 2.9" Style: circle stickers
Mar 06 2019Custom Circle Stickers | Lemon Slice Custom Stickers | ™245
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